Brief History of the Carrollton United Methodist Church

The first Methodist congregation in Carrollton came into being in March 1840. This group met in the courthouse as a place of worship until Baptists and Methodists cooperated to use a building on the west side of the square. There were only twenty Methodists originally, but after a camp meeting in 1840 ninety-one converts united with the church.

For a time there were two Methodist congregations in Carrollton, the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal South.

Carrollton Methodists and Presbyterians cooperated to build a brick church on South Virginia Street. But in 1865 the Methodist Episcopal Church purchased the property for its own use. At the same time the Methodist Episcopal South congregation built a church on South Main Street. They used this building until 1899, when it was sold to the Methodist Episcopal Church which continued to use it until unification of the two congregations in 1939.

On February 15, 1899 the Methodist Episcopal South congregation occupied their newly constructed building on North Folger Street. This building is still in use today by the United Methodist Church.

In May 1939 three branches of Methodism were unified into one denomination. Hence, the two Methodist congregations in Carrollton were united at a special worship service on October 22, 1939.

As the church membership grew in the following years the facilities were expanded. To provide additional Church School facilities, the church purchased the Edmonds property in 1953. It was used as a parish house until the completion of a new educational building and fellowship hall in 1961. Soon after this the church purchased the Goodson property on the south side of the church and made it into a parking lot.

A world-wide merger of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church took place in 1968 forming the denomination we now know as the United Methodist Church.

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