Worshipping Safely

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As we gather for worship on Sunday mornings, we are doing our best to keep one another safe in the midst of the pandemic.  Indeed, the only way we can have in-church worship is by observing certain COVD-19 related protocols including the wearing of face masks and physical distancing.  Please click here to see the protocols we are observing. For the sake of your fellow worshippers, it is important that we ALL carefully observe these protocols.

Sunday School News

Members of the In-B-Tween Group feel they are ready to return to their class. They will begin meeting on Sunday, September 13, in the Fellowship Hall. To ensure each other’s safety, they will observe social distancing by sitting 6 feet apart around their large table.
The Class 13 Group will hold off on returning to Sunday School until it is safer to do so. However, Mildred Dorsey has made sure each class member has a copy of the lesson book so everyone in the class can read the weekly lesson.

Read the Bible in One Year

Susie Bliss is inviting you to read through the Bible in one year with her.  The reading program she will be using consists of 6 readings per week (one each day).  The seventh day is intended to be a day of contemplation, have a group meeting, or catch up if you fell behind.  Susie, and several others, began on July 5.  If you want to join them in this spiritual journey you can do so at any time.  Call the church office to join up.  [More Information]

Birthday Card Shower for Earline

Long-time church member, (Mrs. Leo) Earline Martin, will be turning 90 years old on September 10.  Her children are throwing her a card shower.  Be sure to drop her a card.  If you need her address, please call the church office.  Congratulations to Earline!

Birthday Card Shower for Mildred

A card shower is also being thrown for Mildred Dorsey, another long-time church member of our church who is also turning 90 years old.  Her birthday falls on Wednesday, September 19.  If you don't have Mildred's address, just call the church office.  Best wishes to Mildred!

Birthday Card Shower for Jim

Long-time Methodist Jim Heitmeyer, will be turning 98 years old on September 20, and a card shower is planned for him as well.  If ou do not have Jim's address, please call the church office.

Supporting the Church

Thanks to the many church members and friends who have mailed in their Sunday Offerings in an effort to continue their support of the church’s mission.  Those gifts are being blessed and dedicated for God’s work just as we would normally do at worship on Sunday morning.  If you would like to make a donation of the church click\tab here.

Wood Chips Spreading

From time to time there is a need to replenish and spread out the wood chips in the Daycare’s outside play area. It requires a huge load of new chips. Gratefully, on Monday, August 17, we had an equally large group
of faithful volunteers.  Thanks to those who gave their time and tools:  Gerry Germann, Megan Kipping, Taylor Kipping, Robert Schmidt, Nancy Schmidt, Sally Schmidt, Clyde Willis, Doug Saltsgaver, Jeremie Ahnefeld, Jaden Ahnefeld, Malia Casner, Ron Schuler, Bob Sweeney, Debbie Reid, Charles Reid, Kristen Thompson, Nikki Goedeke, Anselm Williams, and of course, Associate Director Jannie Saltsgaver, and Director Janet Plackemeier. That same evening, a tree in the church yard that required some serious trimming got the trim job it clearly needed

Sanctuary Improvement Project

Painting all the walls with two coats of paint began on Tuesday, April 28, and took about a week.  Once the painting was complete, new carpeting was laid. Insulation was also installed in the ceiling.   Replacement of the front steps was the next step.  This included a new more secure hand rail on both sides of the steps.   We’ve been planning this project for well over a year.  Your contributions have made this possible.  See photos of the work that has been done.

Pastor’s Online Sunday Morning Messages

Since the onset of the coronavirus Rev. Williams has posted an online sermon each Sunday.  Now that we have returned to worshiping in the sanctuary, the posting of the sermon on the church website has been delayed until the afternoon (it takes a while to produce and upload).  We are still offering the sermon online for the benefit of those who are understandably remaining at home due to COVID concerns.  However, we are curious as to how many folks are still benefiting from the online sermons.  Please email Rev. Williams to let him know you are listening.

A Bit of Art Presented to the Church

Sculptor & artist Michael Mistler and his wife, A.J., are friends and former church members from Anselm’s past. You know his work; the wind sculpture that was installed on the courthouse yard in the middle of the Carrollton square was designed and created by Michael Mistler. Last week Mike and A.J. popped in at our church to surprise Anselm and Susan. They unexpectedly presented our church with one of Mike’s creation. It is an artistic optical illusion entitled, “Crown of Thorns Tree.” Anselm and Susan have hung it in the hallway near the bulletin board. Next time you are at the church come by and check it out!

Children’s Ministry Page

Knowing the schools have closed due to the coronavirus and our children are staying home from school, Rev. Williams wanted to provide the children of the church a little something to do while they were at home; something that would be fun but would also teach about Christ and God’s love. So, he has posted a children’s web page on our church’s website. It contains online coloring pages, as well as puzzles and activities sheets that can be downloaded and printed. Something new will be added each Wednesday. So, parents and kids, check it out at: www.umc-crltn.org/kids

Face Masks
The Newest Fashion Statement

We have a church member who has made some face masks and she is happy to unanimously share them with others.

Supplies are very limited. So, if you would like to have a face mask, please call the church office and we will make sure you get one (while they last).  Also Rev. Williams has put together some information about how to make your own face mask.  He will be posting that information on our website at: www.umc-crltn.org/facemask

Upper Room Magazines

The September-October 2020 issue of the Upper Room devotional magazine is available.  If you would like a copy, call the church office and we will mail it to you.  As always, we have both regular and large print versions.  Let us know which version you prefer.


Don't forgot about our on-going Best Choice Save-A-Label Program!  Start saving them right now if you have not already been doing so. Then bring your UPC (proof of purchase) labels to church and put them in the can located on a table in the hallway. The can is marked “Best Choice.”  Our church's Bereavement Dinner Committee will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC labels.

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Bring Us Your Used Inkjet and Toner Cartridges

Help the church save money on office supplies!  We are part of a program whereby we receive credit for office supplies when we recycle used printer toner and ink cartridges.  Those printer cartridges are bad for the environment, so don't toss them in the trash, bring them to church and we'll put them to good use.  Thanks for helping.

Large Print Worship Bulletins

In addition to our regular-sized bulletins, we are now providing a large print version of our worship bulletin for those who would benefit from larger text.  Large print versions of the hymns are also included as well as a larger version of the bulletin insert with all the announcements.

C.M.U. Tops in Dollars for Scholars

Central Methodist University (formerly, Central Methodist College) leads all UMC-related colleges and universities in the country in the number of Dollars For Scholars student aid recipients.  C.M.U. partners with local United Methodist congregations, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) and the Missouri United Methodist Foundation (MUMF) to provide these renewable ($3K-$4K) scholarships.  This year C.M.U. and the Missouri Conference had 45 DFS recipients, second only to the Georgia Conference, which has nearly a dozen UMC-related colleges and universities compared to Missouri's one and only university-C.M.U.
[Learn about scholarships for United Methodist members]