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Read the Bible in a Year

Beginning July 6

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
--- Psalm 119

You are invited to be a part of a group who will read through the Bible in one year.  The reading program, led by Susie Bliss, consists of 6 readings per week (one each day).  The seventh day is intended to be a day of contemplation, have a group meeting, or catch up if you fell behind.  Susie plans to begin on Monday, July 6.  Want to join her in this spiritual journey?  Call the church office to join up.   [More Information]

Online Worship

Posted: Sunday, July 5

Couldn't join us in person for worship?  We have you covered.  We recorded it so you wouldn't be left out! Click\tap her to watch the video or tap the "Pastor's Message" button at the bottom of this page.

In-Church Worship Services Have Begun

We have cautiously and carefully begun worshipping together back in the church.  With the coronavirus continuing to spread, it should be understood that our returning to worship in the church is something of an experiment.  That is to say, we will continue worshipping together only if we can do so safely.

In order to come together in the sanctuary we ALL need to follow certain protocols in order to keep one another safe.  This is absolutely essential.  Remember you are responsible for protecting your fellow worshipers.

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•• Prior to coming back to worship in the church please prepare yourself by reading the protocols that we will be following. [Click\Tap here].

If you feel uncomfortable attending worship for health reasons, please rest assured that you certainly have the pastor's blessing and the blessing of the church to stay home.  We recognize that there are folks who really should stay home and remain safe.

Be Safe & Be Faithful

Sanctuary Improvement Project

Wrapping things up

Work began on Tuesday, April 28 with repairs to a couple of walls and followed by the painting of all the walls.  The next step was to replace our old floor covering with a new carpet.  Insulation was placed in the attic.  Lastly, we replaced the steps outside the main entrance to the sanctuary. Find out more and see pictures of the progress each step of the way by going to our Sanctuary Improvement Project web page

Coronavirus Info & Face Masks

Have you been thinking about making a face mask for yourself or others?  We have the "how to" information you need.  We also have information regarding COVID-19 that you might want to see.  Click here to be informed.

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