Carrollton United Methodist Church
  212 North Folger Street, Carrollton, Missouri 64633
 (660) 542-0277
Sunday School: 9:00 a.m. • Worship: 10:00 a.m.


Day Care Openings

We have openings for children in the daycare.  Call 542-1558 for more info.
Guardian Angel Daycare

Memorial Plaque Sunday
This Sunday, October 13
10:00 a.m.

This Sunday, October 13, we will lift up those who have been remembered through Memorial gifts to our church in the last year and a half.  Seven new names will be added to the Memorial Plaque located in the north section of the sanctuary.  They are: Jean Famuliner, Lewis E. Hockridge, Vinita Hubbard, Lloyd & Joyce Martin, Nancy Miles, and Wilma Robinson.

Fish Fry
Friday, October 18
4:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Enjoy some mighty fine fish fried to perfection.  Fried potatoes, slaw, and your choice of dessert round out your dining enjoyment.  Planning on going to the Trojans' home game that night?  Don't waste time fixing dinner yourself.  Just swing by the church and let us serve you.

This fund raiser is sponsored by our church's Scholarship Committee to raise funds for youth college scholarships.  [More info]

That's Us!

Have you seen one of these signs around town?  That's one of our church members letting you know that the Carrollton United Methodist Church is a great place to call home.  Our congregation is a wonderful collection of people who want to welcome you.  Whether you are new to being a part of a church family or you are someone who just hasn't been to church for a long time and think it just might be time to reconnect, we are here for you.  Our's is an enthusiastically friendly church.  If you have ever felt like you do not belong, you should try coming to worship with us and sitting among truly loving and welcoming people.  If there is one thing we know at our church, it is that no one is outside Christ's circle of love.

The Carrollton United Methodist Church enthusiastically welcomes ALL people.