Vacation Bible School

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Combined V.B.S.

For many years the United Methodist and the First Christian churches of Carrollton have combined forces to offer exciting and fun Vacation Bible School experiences for the children of our community.  The V.B.S. was held at our United Methodist Church in 2019.  So, the 2020 combined V.B.S. will take place at the First Christian Church with volunteers from both churches leading the children in learning about Christ.

Themes from recent years:
2011 - The Shake It Up Cafe; Where Kids Carry out God's Recipe.
2012 - Operation Overboard; Dare To Go Deep With God!
2013 - Every Where a Fun Fair.
2014 - Workshop of Wonders; Imagine & Build with God.
2015 - Camp Discovery; God is at work through us.
2016 - Use your God given talent for the Lord.
2017 - Operation Arctic.
2018 - Splash Canyon - God's promise on life's wild ride.
2019 - Yee-Haw.

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 V.B.S. has been postponed.  It will be later in the year if and when it becomes safe to do so.  In the mean time, be safe and do all you can to protect your families.

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