Youth Group

We meet on Wednesdays
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Here's What's Happening Now!


This Wednesday, September 29

We started painting the parking lot lines last Wednesday and WOW!  What a great job everyone did!  Straight bright yellow lines and expertly shaped blue  handicapped symbols.  Very impressive.  We completeed over half the job,  This coming Wednesday, we will finish the rest of the parking lot.

Thanks for your help in doing this project for the church.

Go Out to the Movies

We decided to target Sunday, October 27, to go see a movie in Chillicothe after the worship service.  Of course, that depends on the renovations to the theater being completed by then.  Let's also hope they have a movie on that we want to see that day!

Snacks Schedule

Thanks to everyone for signing up to bring snacks in the weeks to come.  To see the Snack Schedule, click here or or tap the bottong at the bottom of the page.

Christmas Party

We set Wednesday, December 11, as the date for this year's Christmas Party.  There will be plenty of time to plan the party, but for now, mark your calendar.

Welcome to Two New Members

We are delighted to have two new 7th graders join the Youth Group.  Welcome to Sophie Bartlett and Mandy Miller.  We are glad you want to be a part of our group.

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Adult Choir

Like to sing?  The church’s Adult Choir is always open to youth who want to sing.  The choir director, Ron Schuler, is a big youth advocate.  The choir normally sings in worship on the fourth Sunday of the month.  They rehearse from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. the Tuesday evening prior to singing in worship.

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